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"Our outer lives are created by our inner thoughts.
Creating an amazing life happens from the inside out."


A better YOU … congratulations! You have come to this page to create a better more...

My personal mission is to help each client accomplish their personal goals. It is important to me, to make sure that each client knows 

that the power and the strength is within  themselves… And that power and strength is easily accessible to each and every individual if they will only open the window to their mind.

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Hypnotherapist NLP Practitioner

Alexandria, MN 


My Mission



What is Hypnosis?

At least twice a day every human being is naturally in hypnosis. It is the time when you are waking in the morning and when you are going to sleep at night. As you lay in your bed with eyes closed, before sleep, when you can still hear someone else in the room and hear what they may say to you, and yet you are completely relaxed…It is a state of heightened awareness in which the conscious mind is bypassed, and communication is directly established with the subconscious. By using words and images, your hypnotist will simply keep you in the place of comfort for about half an hour.

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