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SETH Meditation Series


The first SETH book I ever read I KNEW I was reading TRUTH ... you know that feeling ... yup that feeling inside that's telling you to keep reading! I don't even know HOW that book came to me, because certainly there has been a mountain of more current books on the subject of consciousness and meditation.

Now as a hypnotherapist, someone who is constantly exploring how the mind works, and how the mind directs the BODY and I realize that all of the SETH principles are now proven with science and research. The exercises written by SETH (in the Jane Roberts books) are solid for mental health.

I am creating a series of SETH meditations to make it easier for those who are drawn to the SETH books to USE his WISDOM on a regular basis. These meditations are being posted on the free meditation app INSIGHT TIMER where they will be avaialbe to everyone free of charge.

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