What clients say ...


Some text messages:

“You truly are the greatest, Cathy Thank you so much! I’m currently talking my husbands’ ear off telling him about my session today. But I can’t even explain it, it’s such an amazing thing!!”


“You really are so outrageously amazing! Believe it! You have impacted me so much in a good way!”

"This lady right here has gotten me through the hardest times of my life with ease. Since seeing Cathy, I have never felt more empowered, confident, and down right GOOD. There is really no way to explain her other than amazing. If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction, ANYTHING... you need some Cathy in your life."


 "I'm especially grateful to you in helping me getting well several years ago. I am pain free and feeling younger than my age." 



“My experience with Cathy Weber Zunker has been rewarding. Cathy’s defining quality is that she actively listens to what you say. She thoughtfully processes the information you share with her, giving feedback and asking for clarification when needed. It is this mindful engagement that makes Cathy so effective as a hypnotist. She truly finds the approach that is unique and suitable for you and does not rely on the one-size-fits-all theory.


In addition, Cathy has a calming nature and a warm personality. This creates a trusting environment for the hypnosis session and makes it easier to share personal and sometimes challenging information. Cathy’s greatest gift to her clients is that she is present in the moment, fully engaged with your experience, while suspending judgment.”





“I had a phobia that dated back to early childhood, and after just

1 hour with Cathy, I have felt like a new person. I wish I had known about the positive effects of hypnosis years ago!  Cathy took a genuine interest in my issues made me feel very safe. I will definitely schedule more sessions with her as issues arise.”





"My first experience with hypnosis was with Cathy. Baby number 4 was due soon and I wanted to try something different. We worked on technique for labor and postpartum and I was so completely impressed and even surprised at how effective it was. Thank you Cathy!"




“Forty years of lifting weights and playing baseball left me with chronic, almost debilitating, pain in my inner elbows.  One session with Cathy, along with a take-home fifteen minute audio CD for reinforcement,  yielded total removal (not just relief) of any and all pain. Nothing short of miraculous...”



“The greatest gift I receive through hypnosis was the time Cathy spent creating a personalized session that I can listen to at my convenience, to reaffirm my ability to find that place she took me to in order to relax in handle my nerve pain. I am thankful she has chosen to share her gift of words, peace, and compassion.”




“I have struggled with anxiety my entire life; so much so that it affected every decision I made. I began avoiding groups of people and new places and anything that was out of my comfort zone. After one hypnosis session with Cathy, I am finally able to unwind and enjoy new experiences! I still suffer from anxiety, but am now equipped with the tools to recognize it and stop it in its tracks. Anxiety no longer dictates my every move. I will be forever grateful for Cathy’s help. It has changed my life.”





“I have a really hard time relaxing and shutting off the thought process so I wasn't sure how hypnosis was going to work. But Cathy has the most reassuring, calm and natural voice that you can't help but relax in her space. I have seen great results from my sessions and she is working on another issue for me as I write this. Working with clients each day for health issues I recommend Cathy on a daily basis...”




“The "ripple effect" is the best part. Once my biggest problem was solved. it gave me the energy, strength and TIME to handle all the other things in my life.”