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Releasing stress, anxiety, rumination, fears and phobias with hypnosis ...

Hypnosis is is a drug free, all natural process using 

your own mind to facilitate the release

of stress. Everybody  experiences a natural state of hypnosis at least twice a day - when you are waking up and when you are going to sleep at night. Why not use that natural God-given gift for your best good?

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Flower Garland 5
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Symptoms of Anxiety

Typically, those who suffer from prolonged anxiety experience a range of symptoms, including:

  • excessive worry about health, money, family, work, or school performance—even when there are no signs of trouble

  •  irrational expectations of the worst outcome in many situations

  •  inability to relax

  •  irritability

  •  insomnia

  •  tiredness

  •  headaches

  •  muscle tension

  •  difficulty swallowing

  •  trembling or twitching

  •  frequent urination

Anxiety  and stress and worry or no fun! I had no idea years ago that anxiety would soon become my are of specialty. I had no idea it was like a raging fire spanning age 5 to 95. And the experience of anxiety is similar in all ages ... the signs and symptoms are the same.( See the list over on the left of this page from Psychology Today)  What is not the same is the cause. For a child it might be an accidental injury that triggers the beginning ... for an adult it may be a level of responsibility at home or work.


   When anxious thoughts are accumulated at the subconscious  level they can cause a whole host of physical and emotional issues. Since hypnosis works at the subconscious level, this overabundance of anxious thoughts can be cleared out - like cleaning out a storage closet. Call for an appointment today. And DO search the internet for hypnosis and anxiety relief and you will find the positive results others have experienced with hypnosis. 

Create an anxiety-free life.

Cathy Weber Zunker

Alexandria, MN

320 766 8437

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