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How to make an appointment and other things you might want to know ahead of time?


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I try to answer email a couple times a day, but I'm going to be honest here, sometimes I don't get to my email until evening, so it's not the fastest way to get a response. The most efficient way to get an answer is phone call and leaving a brief message.  You can also message me through Facebook but that is not my favorite way to communicate. 

Most frequently, when you leave a message on my phone, I return calls during lunch time or after 5 PM. While we are on the phone setting up your appointment, just give me a brief overview of the issues you would like address. We will be going over these issues in detail during your intake session (Intake is the first hour of your first two-hour appointment )

I don't do single-sessions. (Except for Smoking Cessation and Quantum Healing Hypnosis)  Change and learning at the subconscious level requires reinforcement and repetition to get the optimum results. Depending on the issues involved, 3 to 5 sessions may be needed. I always provide clients with hypnosis recordings for home use between sessions to get the fastest long-lasting results, requiring as few office sessions as possible. That means that much of the rapid change you are looking for depends on your commitment to the process and doing your in-between session recordings , in other words doing your 'homework' :-). 

These recordings are yours to download and keep, which means you have a 'toolbox for your mind' for any future use. Since anxiety is my area of specialty, those clients who have released anxiety and returned to a 'neutral' state, have a toolbox for any future events that may be stressful or worrisome.

Many of my clients are returning clients who find something new popping up in their life that they want assistance with. Therefore, don't wait until you NEED at session to call text or email me. I usually book out about three weeks in advance. Many people who are raising children and a have busy business life, simply book every month or 6 weeks for a 'tune-up'. They know that a massage for the body is powerful as is a "massage for the mind". During these regularly scheduled sessions we discuss whatever new events, feelings or emotions have caused stress or anxiety and address these issues through hypnosis.


And don't be surprised if you are feeling BETTER by the time you arrive for your first scheduled appointment - the subconscious mind is listening to everything you are doing and saying. Quite frequently, once you make the initial appointment, the subconscious  begins the job of helping you feel better immediately!

Most often Friday afternoon appointments are reserved for people traveling from out of town within a few hours of Alexandria. If you are traveling from further away, I will (if possible) schedule a Saturday morning session.


Smoking Cessation is always two hours and Quantum Healing Hypnosis is always 3 to 5 hours.  (Separate pricing for these sessions)