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How to get the Best out of your session

Hypnosis is all about YOU making the changes you desire. So what are the tips a professional clinical hypnotist would recommend to get the most out a session?

Since formal clinical hypnosis (every person is in a natural state of hypnosis every day) is new to many,

...  the first step is to adopt an easy-going and accepting attitude for following instructions will smooth the process.

... being highly focused on each word and image in your mind during the session, allows you to go deeper into the state of relaxation, and the more benefit you will receive from each session,

...before your first session, use the free visualization audio on the Home page for a head start.


...monitor use of alcohol, recreational drugs and caffeine 24 hours before your session.

After your session, you may be given an electronic audio download sent to your phone for 'anchoring' your desired changes. This follow-up 'homework' speeds up the process of change, as well as giving you an available future resources. Electronic audio downloads will be sent to your email. 



YOUR personal JOURNEY begins in YOUR  mind.

Cathy Weber Zunker Hypnosis

Alexandria MN

320 766 8437

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