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Congratulations! You have come to this page to create a better YOU. You’re here to find information, because there’s something that has motivated you to become a better you. And that’s what clinical hypnosis is really all about. No, there will be no ‘clucking like a chicken! The goal of any clinical hypnosis is to help you be a better you, a you that feels better physically, spiritually and emotionally … a more confident you … a more content you … a more authentically real you. What do you want to change? Or achieve? By opening the window to your mind you are accessing the real power that you were born with.

Improving Health:


Quit Smoking

Manage Life Calmly

Relieve Stress

Feel Calm (Anxiety Relief)

Refreshing Sleep

Release phobias

Personal Achievement:


Public Speaking

Test Taking

Powerful Study Habits

Self- Esteem


Your world revolves around YOU!

Since it is your world, It could hardly revolve around anyone else You are the most important person in your world and your inner thoughts create your outer life . You are the one who chooses exactly what your world looks like by your thoughts and beliefs. You are the one who always has your best interest at heart… and that’s a good thing! You are the one who will look out for you… and that is why you are on this page…to become a better YOU. Someone may have shared some misunderstandings about hypnosis with you.. However you are on this page, and other pages like these, to gather information for yourself. You have probably already learned that hypnosis is induced by the use of the therapists’ voice and that it is simply a quieting of conscious thoughts, allowing your mind to be more alert to accept the change you desire. You may also have found that this is a centuries old technique recognized by branches of medicine as a valuable alternative to medication, to accelerate healing and to relieve stress. Read What the Experts Say.



All hypnosis is


Everyone experiences a natural state of hypnosis at least twice each day – when we are waking up…before the chatter of the conscious mind begins in the morning – and when we are going to sleep …as the conscious mind quiets and relaxes before sleep. It is this mid-range point between full wakefulness and sleep that a hypnotist uses to make positive suggestions for successful change to occur.


Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a collaboration between the therapist and the client. It has been highly researched and is a successful form of treating a vast array of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems. It is a compassionate and therapeutic process that takes place in a safe and comfortable clinical office setting. Since no two people are the same, neither are their issues. Therefore each session is specifically designed and customized for the individual client.


Visit my RESOURCES page to learn more! Resource page includes Relaxation audio as well Study/concentration audio for students.


There is a part of you that knows just what you need

So that you can get the best out of life! It is my job to help you become the best you possible…create your life from the inside out. Perhaps you have an issue with procrastinating and would like to focus more on your professional life. Maybe you're needing motivation to exercise regularly… whatever your concern may be, you can certainly gather information using the links on this page…you can also feel free to call, text or email any questions or concerns. Call 32-766-8437

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