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Some of my recordings have been inspired. In other words, I did not sit down and consciously write and create them.They are channeled, sometimes in meditation and sometimes channeled for a particular client. 


If you are reading this page, most likely this sounds normal to you. You may be saying to yourself, “Well, of course it’s inspired – we all have connection to Spirit!”

This session was channeled for a client and although all sessions are directed and beautiful, I thought this one to be a message not only inspiring for this particular person, but for the whole of the world.

 This session had simple power to it that was meant for more than just one person ... I felt it was meant for the world. As this session began to unfold in the office, I had no idea where the angels were going to go. As the pictures and words unfolded in my mind and were directed to my client, I was astonished at the simple beauty of this session.

When the session was over and she was counted back up to full wakefulness, we both sat there in spacious silence letting the words and images alter each of us at a deep level of Knowing.

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