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Cathy's lifelong preoccupation with positive mental attitude and the power of the mind was the incentive behind for my 12 year motivational speaking career. It foreshadowed her current profession as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist. I gained certification from the highly regarded, Mary Elizabeth Raines in Sedona, Arizona at the Academy for Professional Hypnosis. She is a member of the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists located in Marlborough, Massachusetts.


As a keynote speaker, she has trained human resource professionals, educators, corporate leaders and employees in team-building and customer service skills. Her inspirational and motivational topics took her to a five state area as well as being a workshop facilitator, and a corporate free-lance speech writer. 

Now, as an intuitive practitioner of hypnotherapy, she guides clients through a process of self-betterment. 

In 2002 she  authored Travels on the Yellow Brick Road, a book of powerful vignettes and inspiring stories designed to increase self-awareness at both work and home.   Two speaking presentations Never Let a Good Thing Go Unsaid and The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things are on audio CD.


Her most recent writing adventure was in 2016 The Beach I Walk On. 

Written Works

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