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Children and the mind...

Children's issues are as varied as those of adults. That might include the divorce of parents or not liking to read or a fear or a trauma.

Children under that age of five respond quite easily to a bedtime story that has been crafted for their particular situation. I record the story and send it to the parents phone for the child to listen at bedtime. (As you may have read elsewhere on this site, everyone has at least two natural time of hypnosis every day. Once in the morning while waking from sleep and then again at bedtime as you are falling asleep) A recorded bedtime story is using their natural every day time of hypnosis to help them get the best out of life.

School-age children have outstanding abilities to make change. Their issues vary and sometimes manifest as anger or separation anxiety. And of course, each child is unique, so no two children have the exact same issues. 


For nearly grown children (high school and beyond) focus, concentration and test taking can be their major concern. 

No matter what age, the most powerful part of children learning about hypnosis, is for them to learn that THEY can change their life by using their MIND. 

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